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town listed in wrong county

hi my home town of Swansea is listed as being in surrey when it is actually in Glamorganshire. How do I rectify this?

Welcome to Evidentree.

We see all sorts of interesting entries like this so we built a system to fix these.

Either search for Swansea and see if there is a correct entry. Then suggest a merge by using the buttons.

Alternatively, visit the incorrect Swansea entry and see if the correct entry is available in the list of similar places  If so  merge from there. If not  use the search box to merge to a different place


I noted a few on the Newmarket Suffolk lists.

west Suffolk is acceptable as it existed in the past, it was used up until 1974.

Suffolkshire? although it is a shire county Suffolk is Suffolk, never Suffolkshire.

Tip here the fewer place names you use, the less space you use on the site.

on the Newmarket list there isn't a suggest merge button.

i was going to have a go at you for listing Newmarket under Cambridgeshire after further investigation newmarket all saints were under cambs(short form) until 1889. screenshot below.

Uploaded files:
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This list is only for reference. Those places have all been merged to the one 'true' current entity of Newmarket, Suffolk, England.