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Apart from the one in North Carolina all the Aldergate/Aldersgate entries are in the City of London but there isn't an entry for City of London.  Am I being pernickety and should they  just go in Greater London?

You could create Aldersgate, City of London, England on the 'Add Link to a Place' page and then merge the others to the newly created place.

Alternatively, I would be inclined to merge them to Barbican, City of London, England because it could probably be considered as a location there.

Hi Diane, firstly thank you so so much, you are doing a great job of merging... helping us so much. I created a Aldersgate, City of London, England and merged them all to there for you. Judy xx

good, an executive decision (are you sure The Barbican and Aldersgate shouldn't just come under City of London, England - and I've found a Moorgate and Gresham Street as well - decisions, decisions, ……. over to you

sorry - didn't look to see where Gresham Street actually was ….