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how do I merge a place that starts with (e.g.) an A to somewhere that starts with a (e.g.) S.  Have wondered this before and handed it over to you to do.  Particular instance today:  Tollington Park should be merged with Finsbury Greater Londn

Go to the page of the place you want to merge (Tollington Park).
Further down the page, find a box where you can search for a place to merge to. Search for Finsbury there and select the merge.

That screenshot is from the bottom of this page:

yes but if I do that - got Tollington Park, search another place to merge to 'Finsbury' (hoping Finsbury, Greater London..... will come up) but I get a page starting with Aa, Ab etc. and I'm sure I'm not supposed to 'go to p9' etc. until I find it, or am I?

ok - done it - but on page 11

Have just stumbled on this thread. Finsbury and Finsbury Park are different places in London, and Tollington is Finsbury Park, not Finsbury. Just thought I'd mention it ...