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RESOLVED: Group Blog Goes Awry

Just tried putting up a blog in the Lang Family History group and the headings went awry  ... It looks a mess.

I don't seem to have either an edit or an unpublish button for this one.  Could you please take it down for me !!





Further to my message above - there appears to be a difference between how a blog looks when received by email and how it presents on the website.

When the bog came to me by email the headings were in the right places, although it was still formatted slightly differently to how it looked when I finished writing it.

On the web page, the headings had gone awry and weren't where they were supposed to be so it is a bit nonsensical if viewed on the website.


I will be looking into this very shortly. It's a possible side effect from trying to add draft features.

These changes shouldn't have affected the live site though

As soon as I have amended it, I will let you know



Jane, in the system itself, the Blog post is saved beautifully. I believe the problem is related to the presentation software.

This means, if I delete the post, you will be losing beautiful work AND I think it's quite possible that the next newest post would show up poorly formatted.

I hope you can bear with me while I get to the bottom of this and make our posts (some of mine are doing it too) look right again.

Following this fix, you will be pleased to know I have finally set up a development server (copy of Evidentree) where future changes and tests will be made. This will hopefully mean that no strange new problems like this occur when changes are made and tested.

Hi Greg - Thank you !! ...

And by the way ... I do appreciate that good things often take time to get right ... I will try to curb my perfectionist tendencies and stay patient ... you really are doing a fantastic job on behalf of us all !!


OK - I confess - I had another fiddle with my Lang blog as you have probably noticed !! ... My perfectionist tendencies got the better of me and I couldn't help myself!!

Things still aren't quite where I put them but the headings are slightly more under control because I used a table - which makes it look a bit funny but it has tamed the headings slightly.

Hi Jane,


There seemed to be a deeper problem with the group and so I have just created it anew and put as much as I could in the new group.

I also linked it to the Lang surname page.

The new group is here:

You need to replace the photo but the cover image is there and your two Blog posts are there. Hopefully, this will now let you edit them and see things they way they should be.

Thanks Greg.

The old version of the group seems to be there still - that is, there are now 2 in the group list.  The new one seems to be working better than the old one ... thank you!!