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Expanding Comment Boxes

Is it possible to enable comment boxes to expand when a person is commenting within a group so that it is easier to see what is being written as it is being written (that is by the person writing it).

I find it quite hard to write and think about what I am writing if I can't see what I am writing. I hope you can understand what I am saying - it is a bit hard to explain?

At the moment, when on my laptop, I am getting around this by writing on a sticky note on my computer and then cut and pasting into the comments box.  So there is certainly no urgency about this but at some stage it would be good to be able to put a comment directly in the box and be able to see and easily reread it before posting.  It is slightly more challenging when commenting via mobile rather than laptop.

In the bottom right corner of the part where your text goes, there are some lines. In the groups, these are two or three and diagonal (as pictured).

Here, in the forum, they are 4 or 5 horizontal lines.

Hover over these, mouse down and drag to make the box bigger.

Ok ... thank you ... I can see that now ... apologies for being so unobservant!!