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Confirm for newsletter.


I have tried to confirm that I want receive your newsletter. I tried both suggestions in your email but both

came up as 'No Subscriber . Please take this as confirmation.

Thank You,


Hi Terry,

You didn't appear to be logged in when you wrote this post, so I unfortunately don't know which username I need to look into.

Can you let me know either your username or e-mail address so I can determine why the newsletter won't subscribe?



I have since figured out which user and e-mail address belong to you. I have manually confirmed your newsletter subscription.

You should accordingly receive a welcome e-mail.

Could you confirm for me that you tried to subscribe twice earlier? Did you not receive any e-mails asking for you to confirm? If you did, could you please forward a copy to

If you haven't seen these in your Gmail inbox, could you check the spam folder to see if they landed in there?

Thanks for your assistance in resolving this so we can stop it happening to others - and welcome to Evidentree!


Greg Scowen