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Am I missing something?  Are there really 38 people researching the name Lee in Leicester?  If so, is there any way to send the same message to them in one hit.  I am more used to not finding anyone researching the same name as me anywhere.

Hi Diane, the way i do it, is by starting a group.... so you could start a Surname Group for Lee. You can then invite them to your group... and go from there... have you started a group yet. I am having so much fun with mine already. Lots of conversation... love it. Judy

P.S. Just looked at the surname. There are 38 people researching the name, but from various areas. But there seems to be 14 people researching various surnames in Leicester.

Thanks Judy - spent yesterday evening trying to find an easy way (still looked this morning as if there are 38 people looking at Lee in Leicester).  I am not reading the info properly.  re starting a group - there is only one Lee there I am interested in - not a family so have a feeling that my group may well peter out quite quickly.  (belong to Essex one but not much happens there)

Still can be fun. I am offering to help others... in the groups I am in, I think it helps others to feel comfortable in posting... I think as the groups grow, going to be so much fun. Now Greg has started the new messages... so easy. Just go to the ones you are interested in, that they might have a similar family to you, and private message. It is a start. Have fun. x

done it a Lee surname group.  Can you tell me - does it have to be approved?  I am assuming it does as when I try to access it I end up on the home page.  Just want to start off the conversations

I'm so sorry it took so long to come and see this.

The problem with the group was that it had created a URL with 3 dashes in it (because of the ' - ' in the group name. The software running groups didn't like this (it shouldn't have done it then, huh?).

I have amended the group link so it now just has one dash but still the same name.

You can visit the group here:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

With regards to the initial question about how many people are researching Lee in Leicester... if you visit the Lee page, you can find Leicester in the list of places being researched.

Click it to visit the Leicester page. Here, find the list of surnames being researched. The green ones have people researching that name in that place.

If you click on the name Lee, you see a list of these people and links to their profiles.

Happy hunting.

Thanks Greg, thanks Judy - have started