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Bures St. Mary's: Cansdale, Hayward, Boggis, Cardy, Bray, Dyer, Clampin

My wife and I recently paid a visit to Bures St. Mary and Lamarsh in Suffolk to see where a lot of my ancestors came from and it became the highlight of our two week trip across the UK, (from N.J.). Bures straddles both Suffolk and Essex. The link below references 8 different families including a pedigree chart screenshot from Ancestry. Hats off to Alan, the site administrator and local historian for dedicating himself to history of Bures and the surrounding area. There is a ton of information on the site that has been running for about 18 years.…

Anyone interesting in cross referencing my tree on ancestry is welcome to have a look:

Gedmatch: A019601

Hi WK76,

Alan's Bures site is great, isn' tit. I have had contact with him previously regarding a personal family history site, which he kindly let me use some of his content on... one of my Scowen lines lived in Bures for some time.

Unfortunately, invitations to trees on Ancestry can only be used by one single user... so it's already not possible for me to use your link and visit your tree.

Is it a public tree? If so, can you just supply a normal link to it or let us know your username over there?


Yes, it's a great site. I think he should accept donations for all the work he's put into it.

It is a public tree. That shortlink is a new feature, maybe it isn't working.

Here's the full link:

If that doesn't work the name of the tree is "Kuberski-Cansdale Family Tree" , my name is Will Kuberski. wk7 (at) live dot com. I'd be happy to send an invite from ancestry if you have a username or email.

I've just used the new link successfully - but I may be the only one that can use it. It would be helpful if someone else tries now to see if it allows more than 1 user.

I will let you know if we have some crossover on families there, Will.

Yes, Alan should take donations. Mind you, we should probably think of this at Evidentree too.

Yes, it's easy enough to set up!

I have just sent you an invite to my tree, Will. Via your e-mail.

Excellent! Thanks Greg!

Things on my tree get interesting if you follow Louisa Hayward up to Mary Abell and beyond.