The London Tube in the Middle Ages

This is one of our favourite pieces of 'creative' London nostalgia.

Released in 2014, the Medieval London Tube Map was created by The Londonist for a bit of fun. And fun it is. We have added it here for you to have a look at and see how names have developed over the years. 

NOTE: Click on this one over here on the right to see it larger. You can right click the larger image to open it full size in a new tab.

Thanks to Sheila Duke for bringing the viewing problems to our attention and user @candy for introducing us to this map.


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5 comments on “The London Tube in the Middle Ages

  1. So much better now, Greg. I have been pouring over it with a magnifying glass and hadn’t thought to ask if it could be made bigger. I also thank you, Sheila & Alan.

    • Alan, click the small image on the right-hand side of the post. When it opens in a window, right-click on the image and view in a sperate tab… that shows you the huge image where everything is very readable.
      If your browser or device doesn’t do it this way, open the image on right and then download it. That should give you the large image.

  2. Unable to read station names when enlarged. Grew up in London interested in what all the stations I know could have been. I fascinated but now disappointed please make clearer!

    • You are so right, Sheila, and it’s embarrassing we hadn’t noticed before.

      This has now been amended with the addition of an image on the right that you can click to view larger – this leads to the full-size image.
      Thanks for pointing this out to us.