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Every year, Black Friday comes back around and millions of people all over the world race to get the best deals. Some of the best bargains are what Amazon calls 'Lightning Deals'. These are items that are available at a special price for a limited time and with a limited availability. We explain this a little more below - but rest assured, Lightning Deals are worth checking out.

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Amazon "Today's Deals" Page

Whether a member of Prime or not, you can view current deals at any time by visiting the Amazon Deals Page at your local Amazon. Even without Black Friday specials, there are normally deals to be found. Our link should lead you to the nearest Amazon store.

Today's Deals (early Black Friday deals) - Amazon

About Lightning Deals

Here is what Amazon tells us about Lightning Deals:

A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period of time.

All Lightning Deals appear on the "Today's Deals" page. To view this page, click the Today's Deals link above the search bar on any page. These deals are available at until either the time for that promotion expires or all the available promotional discounts are claimed. You can claim a particular deal once only.

When a Lightning Deal is available, here's what you'll see:

  • The item featured in the deal.
  • Any available variations of the item (for example: different sizes or colours).
  • The list price and the current price for the item on
  • The promotional discount amount and final price.
  • A status bar indicating the percentage of deals currently in customers' baskets or purchased.
  • A timer showing how long you have to add the item to your basket and claim the promotional discount.
  • An Add to Basket button if there are available promotional discounts.

Learn more About Promotional Pricing .

Note: When all the promotional discounts for a Lightning Deal are held by other customers, you'll see a Join Waitlist button and the status bar will show that 100% of the promotional discounts are currently being held in other customers' baskets or have already been used to purchase the deal. Learn more about how to Join a Lightning Deals Waitlist


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2 comments on “Genealogy Deals for Black Friday – Be First In at Amazon

    • Black Friday is next week. For a week, they have thousands of deals that come available.

      Items that can be of interest to family historians include but aren’t limited to:

      Cameras, Scanners, Printers, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Books and so much more.