Ancestry DNA on Sale Until Nov. 20

Every year, DNA companies discount their tests sometime prior to the holiday period.

This year is no exception. Ancestry DNA has released their holiday specials. Use our links to secure your DNA test for £69, $59 USD, $109 AUD or $99 CAD. Offer valid until 20th Nov.

Ancestry DNA in Your Neighbourhood

Following are links to the DNA sale prices in four different Ancestry regions.

United Kingdom - £69

UK - From Amazon with free postage! - 

United States - $59

Australia - $109

Canada - $99

Our Ancestry DNA Test Experience

Between us, the Evidentree admin team have had tests completed through FTDNA, 23andme and Ancestry DNA.

The experience with Ancestry DNA has been really good. Due to the nature of Ancestry family trees and the fact that Ancestry DNA has tested over 6 million people (the most of the testing companies), we have seen many good matches and been able to contact a lot of our cousins.

Evidentree - Ancestry DNA Integration

We are working hard on bringing a new feature to Evidentree - which we hope will enable you to automatically identify DNA matches directly on the site and to be able to network with them in the easiest possible way.

More on that as it comes to fruition.


Not only does using the links in this page secure you a lower price for your DNA test but, it also results in Evidentree getting a small commission - which we use to keep the site alive and to bring you new features.


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